Nerdy Socks

June 11, 2018

Nerdy men's socks with style — unique rainbow circuitry socks for men

If you're proud to be a nerd, check out these geeky socks with math and science, gaming and other nerdy stuff. Or jump straight to our collection of nerdy socks.

Wearing a pair of these smart socks will give you mad nerd cred. And remember: nerdy socks > dirty socks.

Rubik's Cube Women's Crew Socks

Women's socks with Rubik's cubes

These ladies' socks with Rubik's cubes on them are perfectly puzzling. Also available for men.

D20 Socks

D20 dice 20-sided dice socks for men

Socks with D20 dice on them are the lucky charm your adventuring party needs during their next random encounter. Tabletop gamers will love these nerdy dice socks.

Muthaboard Men's Crew Socks 

Muthaboard Men's Socks

Do you work with computers, or are you building your own custom gaming PC in your spare time? Men's Muthaboard socks let you cover your feet in rainbow computer guts. Nerdettes may prefer our knee-high version, which has a smaller foot size.

Book Socks

 Bibliophile book socks for women knee high

Reading books is probably the oldest nerdy activity, which makes these book socks for women (and men) instant classics.

Nikola Tesla Men's Socks

Nikola Tesla Socks for men

One great way to express your scientific curiosity is by wearing a pair of geeky socks with scientists on them, like these nifty Nikola Tesla socks.

Science Lab Socks

Science lab socks for women nerdy knee highs

If you're a scientist yourself, a pair of these science lab socks look great with a lab coat. See the men's version here.

Video Game Socks

Multiplayer men's video game socks

If you love video games, these red socks with game controllers are for you.

Star Trek Socks

Vulcan salute men's socks

Need a new pair of nerd socks to wear to your next comic-con? Socks with Vulcan salutes will help other Trekkies recognize you instantly, without having to put on a pair of pointy rubber ears.

Fuck Off I'm Reading Women's Crew Socks

Women's crew socks that say "Fuck Off I'm Reading"

Isn't it annoying to have someone interrupt you in the middle of your fourth Harry Potter re-read? Socks with this sassy reader will let everyone know they need to leave you alone when you have your nose in a book.

Cthulu Socks

Cthulhu socks for men with Lovecraft monster

Cthulhu monster socks are a must-have for H.P. Lovecraft fans and horror geeks. These scary socks come with an extra side of unspeakable dread!

Chess Socks

Chess socks for men mismatched

Chess socks are the original gamer socks! Funky men's socks with chess pieces are mismatched and monochrome.

For more geeky sock inspiration, check out our collection of Nerd Socks here.

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