Graduation Socks

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No cap-and-gown look is complete without a pair of smart graduation socks! Our collection of socks for grads includes styles with themes celebrating both that hard-earned degree and the adventures that lie ahead. 

Your graduate deserves to walk down the aisle with a sense of accomplishment, joy and pride. We have socks with an air of celebration, like ankle socks that say "Super Fucking Awesome" or "Fuck Yeah Kind of Day." There are also socks to symbolize your grad's major. In a pair of awesome circuit board socks, everyone will know your kid is a STEM goddess. Teachers love our pencil socks, or for English majors, our cool book socks will make it obvious who did the reading. Double majors can even wear mismatched socks! Fun socks always look awesome sticking out beneath a graduation gown.

Another great pick for your grad is a pair of socks to give them confidence and reassurance at their very first job. Coffee socks are great for a recent grad getting used to the daily grind. We have socks with coffee cups and French presses, and some socks with smiling cups of coffee that say "You Can Do It!" For the freshly minted public servant, "Busy Making a Fucking Difference" socks for men and women are sure to get a smile. Or for someone slogging through at a job that isn't quite what they dreamed of, snarky socks that say, "I love my job... ha ha, just kidding" are always funny.

The sky is the limit when it comes to socks for adulting. We have cute socks that say "Adult in Training," socks with llamas wearing neckties, and some great summer socks with sunglasses, pineapples and travel vans for the grad who plans to travel before starting the next phase of adulthood.

Choose a pair for your graduate from major winners in every field of study including the sciences, engineering, the arts and adulting.