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What's New?
December 05, 2014

We are so excited to be getting our products onto the feet of sock lovers everywhere! But we haven't just been selling the old styles. . . we have also been making more!

Buy One, GIVE One
October 25, 2014

For most of us, October is a month of haunted houses, horror movies and scary fun – but for many people, there is nothing scarier than homelessness. This month, ModSock wants to help show that even the smallest act of kindness can make a difference in our community.

Bamboo Socks Are Here!
September 17, 2014

By popular demand, ModSock has just received a fat stack of bamboo socks from Socksmith so soft, your other socks are going to be jealous!

Made in America
June 28, 2014

This Fourth of July, why not show your patriotism with a pair of socks manufactured in the USA? The American-made socks we carry at ModSock are some of our most comfortable, durable and popular brands.