Darn Tough

Men's Onyx Cushioned Wool Hiking Socks

These cozy cushioned wool socks are made to hit the trail for a long hike in any kind of weather. Wear a pair and experience the joy of hiking in a cushioned micro crew that's not too short or too tall, and just heavy enough to get the job done. Best of all, their sturdy construction is built to last a lifetime and their onyx black color refuses to show stains, so they'll hold up and look great for mile after mile. 61% merino wool, 36% nylon, 3% Lycra spandex. Made in Vermont, USA.

U.S. Men's Shoe Sizes:

 Medium — 8 – 9.5

 Large — 10 – 12

 Extra Large — 12.5 – 14.5

 Darn Tough Vermont offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee on all of their products.

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