Blue Q

I Have to Pee Again Women's Crew Socks

Some people are blessed with bladders the size of weather balloons. However for some of us, no bathroom = no bueno. We are the roadtrip ruiners, the highly hydrated, the ones lining up at the back of the airplane 15 minutes into the flight — and we refuse to hold it any longer! If you always have to pee, these are the socks for you. They have a knight on horseback carrying a banner that says "I have to pee... again." Fits women's shoe sizes 5 to 10. 67% combed cotton; 31% nylon; 2% spandex. Made in China.

PLEASE NOTE: Blue Q makes socks with funny sayings on the right side of each sock. Both socks are the same, which means the words will end up on the outside of your right leg, and the inside of your left leg. It’s all right — literally.

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