Solmate Socks

Foxtail Mismatched Socks

With cozy knits and mismatched charm, Solmates Socks are made to look stylish in shoes and feel great just snuggling up at home. These Foxtail socks pair cool blues and grays with soft brown yarn for a calm earthy look that goes great with jeans. Wear a pair of mismatched socks and bring some fun to your feet! 62% cotton, 22% polyester, 15% nylon, 1% lycra. Solmates are made in the USA from recycled cotton yarn.

Unisex sizing by US shoe size:
Small fits women's 6-8 or men's 5-7 
Medium fits women's 8-10 or men's 7-9
Large fits women's 10-12 or men's 9-11
Extra large fits women's 12+ or men's 11-14

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