Solmate Socks

Aloe Mismatched Socks

Let the healing blues, greens and yellows of these Aloe socks from Solmate Socks wash over you like a powerful panacea straight from the desert. These mismatched socks made from recycled yarn are perfect for plant lovers and succulent collectors, or anyone who vibes with the soft and earthy colors of the gems of the plant world. 62% cotton, 22% polyester, 15% nylon, 1% lycra. Made in the USA from recycled cotton yarn. Unisex sizing by US shoe size:

Small fits women's 6-8 or men's 5-7

Medium fits women's 8-10 or men's 7-9

Large fits women's 10-12 or men's 9-11

Extra large fits women's 12+ or men's 11-14

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