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Urania Shaklee, owner of ModSock

Urania Shaklee

ModSock is the creation of Sock Genius™ Urania Shaklee, a businesswoman and sock lover who lives in Bellingham, Washington with a six-and-a-half foot sock monkey, and their cats Louie and Emo.

Urania began retailing socks in 2010 at her store The Purple Doorknob in Ellicottville, NY. In 2011, she moved to Bellingham where she opened her second store ModSock. In 2013, ModSock's own brand launched, a line of original sock designs defined by whimsy, color and fun.

ModSock's headquarters is a storefront located at 1323 Cornwall Ave., among the many locally-owned, independent businesses that make downtown Bellingham unique. The store stocks over 1,000 different sock styles and is jam-packed with color, texture and pattern.






Andrea Farrell

Andrea Farrell

Andrea Farrell grew up under a thick layer of clouds in Forks, Washington, but she is not a vampire — we promise. She moved to Bellingham to attend Western Washington University. In addition to being a champion speller and copy editor, she loves to bake cakes, peer into tidepools and watch old movies. She is currently running out of bookshelf space, and owns a ton of awesome socks.

Andrea loves knee highs and over-the-knee socks, but also wears a lot of cute crew socks in the summertime. Her biggest sock annoyance is the bulky toe seam, and her favorite socks are ModSocks' Sloth Stripe.






Lindsey Frazier

Lindsey Frazier

Sockaholic and half-mermaid Lindsey Frazier is a member of the royal court of Urania Shaklee, Duchess of ModSock. Lindsey would like to think she’s a princess… or at least a jester.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Lindsey “got the heck out of there ASAP” and moved to Bellingham in the fall of 2005 to begin her studies at Western Washington University where she received her B.A. in East Asian studies and Japanese language.  After spending time living abroad in Japan, she realized in herself a strong penchant for healing and returned to the States to study massage therapy. Now, in addition to advising the royal sock court, Lindsey is a licensed massage practitioner and sole proprietor of Kokoro Massage.

Lindsey enjoys nerding out, gettin’ spiritual, going on adventures, conspiracy theories, and eating all the food. In Bellingham she recommends Busara Thai Cuisine, Fiamma Burger, Fiamma Pizza, Dragon River, Taste of India, Homeskillet, and Pure Bliss to get your eat on.

Like her sockmates, Lindsey is passionate about socks and ever happy to share her knowledge and recommendations with fellow enthusiasts and curious patrons. Her favorite styles include tights, leg-warmers, crazy crews, and “anything with cats on them” – but you’ll catch her rocking it all as she moves and grooves around Bellingham. 


Ashlee DeClercq

Ashlee is a sock enthusiast who was born and raised in Monroe, Washington. She moved to Bellingham in 2016 to study anthropology and biology at Western Washington University. 

Ashlee is a lover of thrift stores, puns, her dog and cat, cooking, and of course, socks! Her favorite parts of the day are coordinating silly crew socks with her outfits, and going home to her roommates and animals to play cards and drink coffee.








Corinne Barber

Corinne Barber

Corinne Barber is a mixed media artist who received her BFA in Studio Art from WWU in 2018 and sock witch who spends her time making art and looking for enchanting old things on her frequent trips to thrift stores and antique shops. She inhales sour patch kids and any book or zine she can get her hands on, to the detriment of her sleep schedule. She loves turmeric lattes and rescue dogs and is trying to learn how to skateboard. One day she hopes to live in a Victorian house by the sea.

Corinne's favorite socks are any kind of over-the-knee, which she likes to pair with vintage skirts and dresses. Her favorite spots downtown besides ModSock are Penny Lane Antique Mall and Ragfinery.

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