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Sometimes the season of giving can get a little too complicated. So what's the perfect simple holiday gift? A pair of socks, of course! Anyone who has complained about getting socks for Christmas has obviously never seen any of these. Pick out a pair for yourself to get into the spirit, then let our little elves show you all the wonderful, wild socks we have for you to choose from this winter.

Antler Pugs

Red or green crew socks featuring cute pugs wearing antlers

Pugs might not be able to join in any reindeer games. But that didn't stop Saint Nick from strapping some red noses and reindeer antlers onto the dogs on these crazy Christmas pug socks! Use a pair to wish someone a Merry Pugmas.

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Aliens Stole Xmas

Men's crew socks featuring aliens abducting Santa and his reindeer

Aliens probably don't have Christmas on their home planets, so who can blame them for getting a little curious and deciding to "borrow" Santa for a little while? Spread the Christmas spirit far and wide with a pair of these festive UFO socks.

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Santa Sloth

Women's crew socks featuring sloths with santa hats and Christmas gifts

He sleeps when you are sleeping, he sleeps when you're awake, he sleeps whether you've been bad or good – so wear some Santa Sloth socks, for goodness sake! These crimson sloth socks will be at the top of everyone's list this season.

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Christmas Cactus

Men's black crew socks featuring cacti decorated for the holidays

Not everyone who celebrates Christmas lives in a cold climate – for those who celebrate Christmas in the desert, a potted cactus is a Christmas tree you use every year, because you don't have to cut it down! Just watch out for spikes when it's time to open presents.

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Christmas Huskies

Women's holiday crew socks featuring huskies wearing Santa hats

Dashing through the snow is a husky's favorite activity! The holiday huskies on these cheerful socks are surrounded by snow and peppermint-striped bones. They would make a perfect stocking stuffer for someone who loves dogs.

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Jingle Cats Knee Socks

Women's holiday knee socks featuring cats leading Santa's sleigh

On Mouser, on Simba, on Oscar, on Mittens! On Coco and Smokey, on Tigger and all her kittens! There's a new Santa Claws in town, and he has teamed up with a few of the neighborhood strays to pull his sleigh. For a cat-lover, the perfect Christmas gift is a pair of these Jingle Cat socks. Also available for kids.

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Menorah Knee Socks

Women's blue knee socks featuring Menorahs

Christmas is OK, but Hanukkah means getting presents for eight days straight. They may be a little nontraditional, but these blue knee-length socks are sure to light up your legs as you celebrate the Festival of Lights.

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Christmas Yeti

Men's Christmas crew socks featuring the Yeti in a Santa hat

Just like Santa, the yeti lives near the north pole, has fluffy white hair, and may or may not exist. These festive yeti Christmas socks for men are just the thing if you want to wish someone a silly, snowy Christmas.

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Tangled Lights Men's Crew

Men's holiday themed crew socks with multi-colored stringed lights

When the Christmas decorations come out, there's one thing you can always expect to hear from Dad: “Who the hell put these away last year?!” Avoid the blame or try to mend fences by offering a pair of these funny tangled Christmas lights socks.

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Christmas Cat-astrophe

Christmas Cat-astrophe crew socks in green with cats playing with lights

Cats understand the holidays on a deep level. It doesn't really matter what presents you receive – the real fun is when everyone starts playing with the wrapping paper and ribbons, then takes a nap until dinner.

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