Imagining Jackalopes

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Artist Katherine PowellLast year during the month of October, we displayed the fabulous art of Miss Katherine Powell in our Bellingham store. One of our favorite pieces was “Jack-elope,” a linoleum block print of two jackalopes in love. It was on the wall across from the cash register, and we looked at it every day.

ModSock Jackalope Sock DesignJackalopes aren’t real, but if they were, they might be our favorite animal. They are the kind of thing you see on silly old postcards from Wyoming or one of the Dakotas — kitsch but also charming. They may seem fluffy and cuddly, but don’t go in for a hug, or you might poke your eye out!

Katie’s art reawakened our love for this mythical monster, and the early design for the Jackalope ModSock was born. But what to add to the design? We didn’t want a sock with just jackalopes floating in space. At first, we liked the idea of placing them in a winter snowstorm, but eventually decided on prickly pear cactus.

Our first samples from the manufacturer came to us with slightly demented eyes on one jack, but this was corrected on later prototypes, leaving us with a perfectly fanciful sock covered in frolicking bunnies and prickly cactuses.ModSock Men's & Women's Jackalope Socks

We think they really fit our theme of retro, cute and whimsy, right beside our Boob Tube, Happy Hedgehog and Penny Farthing designs. We hope you like them, and check out Katherine Powell’s artwork here.

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