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Men love crazy socks! When you want to give the man in your life a gift that allows him to express his unique personality, there is nothing better than fun socks. But how do you match a man to his perfect pair? Follow our guide below and you’ll be sure to find a unique gift that not only knocks his socks off, but puts a new pair on his feet!

  • Black Men's Crew Socks with Acoustic Guitars

    Do you have a friend who rocks out in a band every weekend, a boyfriend who writes you love songs, or maybe a dad who loves to embarrass you by pulling out the guitar and singing the top folk songs of the '70s at the top of his lungs? Any musical man would love a pair of these Men's Guitar Crew Socks as a stocking stuffer.

  • Men's Brown Crew Socks with Dinosaur Tacos

    What do you get when you cross a taco and a dinosaur? Whatever it is, you'll find it on these crazy Tacosaurus Crew Socks. They make a perfect gift for the guy who likes to tell jokes (even if they don't always make sense).

  • men's wolf moon crew socks

    Do you know a lone wolf who likes to go his own way in life? Wolf Moon Crew Socks are a gift idea for the man who treasures his independence.

  • Men's black or paprika crew socks with big foot

    Do you have a wildman on your gift list who likes to get outside and get his hands (and possibly feet) dirty? If stomping around in the wilderness is his passion, a pair of Men's Bigfoot Crew Socks are a rare and wonderful find.

  • Men's black and gray crew socks with a raptor

    If he's seen every Jurassic Park movie and has a well-thought-out plan for fighting a pterodactyl, just in case – these Raptor socks are a clever choice.

  • Men's Starry Night Van Gogh crew socks

    For the man who is moved by the beauty of the night sky, these Starry Night socks (based on the classic Vincent Van Gogh painting) are sure to make an impression.

  • men's gray gamer life crew socks

    For the gamer guy who plays on hard mode, give a gift that shows he is a part of the gaming elite. Socks like these funny Gamer Life Crew are the way to his heart.

  • Men's red Sriracha crew socks

    For the man who loves to try new foods, give a pair of socks with the hot sauce that makes everything taste good – sriracha! These Sriracha Crew Socks are also made of wool, so he'll stay warm while waiting in line at the food trucks.

  • Men's forest colored crew socks with Christmas holiday kittens

    Do you know a man who looks forward to Christmas all year, or likes to get into the holiday spirit by dressing up the family cat? These Xmas Kitty Men's Crew Socks are a festive and unique gift idea.

  • men's blue trout crew socks

    Is your fella a fisherman who loves to get out on the river and reel in dinner? Let him know that he's your perfect catch with a pair of these Men's Trout Crew Socks.

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