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ModSock Socktober 2014 sock donationIn October 2014, ModSock took part in Socktober, an annual, nationwide sock drive designed to get socks on the feet of homeless people. With your help, we were able to donate 350 pairs of brand-new socks to those in need.

Well, October is back – and we want to make this Socktober even better than last year's!

The most in-demand item in any homeless outreach center is clean, dry socks. For people on the street in the winter, foot care is essential because cold, wet feet can lead to illness, pain and foot problems. A new pair of socks can brighten anyone's day, but for someone living on the streets, it could do much more.

Oct. 26-30, for each pair of socks purchased in our store or online, ModSock will donate a pair of brand-new socks to the Opportunity Council, a non-profit agency in Bellingham that provides services to homeless and low-income individuals and families. Through the Opportunity Council's Street Outreach Team, the socks will make their way onto the feet of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Bellingham is fortunate to have an active, innovative outreach program through the Whatcom Opportunity Council. Their new pilot program, the Street Outreach Team, was started this year and is committed to bringing services directly to our community's homeless people, wherever they are. The socks we donate this Socktober will be kept in the Street Outreach Team's van, ready to be given to anyone who is in need of a pair.

The Whatcom Coalition to End Homelessness conducts annual surveys in Whatcom County. This year, they counted 651 homeless people, an increase of more than 100 compared to last year. Since they can be difficult to contact, it is likely that the actual number of homeless people in Whatcom County is even higher.

Please join us in making this a great Socktober! Treat yourself to a new pair of socks this week, and we'll give a pair to someone in need. To learn more about other Socktober efforts around the country, visit SoulPancake.

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