Bamboo Socks Are Here!

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Lindsey Frazier | 0 comments

By popular demand, ModSock has just received a fat stack of bamboo socks from Socksmith so soft, your other socks are going to be jealous! But bamboo socks aren't just soft – take a look, and you'll discover what adding a pair or two of bamboo crew to your sock drawer can do for you!

Bamboo Socks Are. . .


Besides feeling luxuriously soft against the skin, bamboo fibers also breathe better than synthetic fabrics, and even cotton. And, like wool (minus the itch), there is enough space between the fibers to ventilate the foot and keep it dry, as well as maintain a comfortable temperature no matter what environment you're in.


With the superior breathability and thermal regulation of bamboo fibers, bamboo socks are perfect for people who suffer from poor circulation. Many socks can be too hot, but Socksmith's bamboo socks have a reduced synthetic fiber content, allowing them to breathe. Not only that, but bamboo is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and odor-resistant – no stinky feet here!


Bamboo socks are as strong as, well. . . wood! The bamboo fibers are durable for many wears and washes. And yes, they can even withstand your washing machine. So bike, hike, dance, and run to your feet's content – bamboo socks can keep up with you, no problem!


We have many colorful striped and solid styles of bamboo socks available for men and women here at ModSock. Pick up your favorite pair (or two, or three. . . ) today!

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