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by Andrea Farrell November 01, 2017

Cute sloth socks peep over the toes of magenta shoes

Socks make great last-minute Christmas gifts because they are small and inexpensive, but receiving a pair still feels incredibly special. Buying socks doesn't have to take a long time – sometimes you see the perfect pair and you just know. These are a few of our best-selling socks for a Christmas present that she'll wear all year long. Maybe you'll instantly find the perfect pair for a lady on your gift list.

Delicate Fucking Flower Socks

Women's crew socks that say "I'm a delicate fucking flower."

Do you need a gift for a strong woman? These socks proclaim "I'M A DELICATE FUCKING FLOWER." Give them to the rose in your life to let her know you appreciate every part of her, including her thorns.

Shop for Delicate Fucking Flower Crew Socks

Sloth Stripe Knee-High Socks

Teal knee socks with sloths

These sloth socks make a perfect present for a gal who loves to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life – like adorable animals!

Shop for Sloth Stripe Knee Socks by ModSocks

Significant Otter Women's Socks

Significant Otter Crew Socks in blue with otters holding hands

These otter socks are a great gift for a friend, or a sweet present for your partner. Little otters float hand in hand on the ocean, between happy hearts and gentle waves. Give a pair to someone you find otterly amazing.

Shop for Significant Otter Crew Socks

Plants Get Me Ankle Socks for Women

Women's ankle socks with green plants that say "Plants get me."

For a girl with a serious green thumb, these socks for gardeners are the perfect unique gift. “Plants Get Me” socks with cute little people watering plants are great for anyone who talks to her tomatoes.

Shop for Plants Get Me Ankle Socks

Frida Kahlo Crew Socks

Frida Kahlo socks for women

Frida Kahlo took her own path in life, and that's what makes her art so unique. These socks are a great gift for an artist, a dreamer or anyone inspired by Frida and her many contributions to Mexico and the world.

Shop for Frida Kahlo Crew Socks

Unicycling Unicorn Knee-High Socks

Unicorns ride unicycles in these fun gray knee high socks by ModSocks

Sometimes you meet someone who is as unique as a unicycling unicorn. A pair of these whimsical knee socks is a gift that says you appreciate all of her quirks.

Shop for Unicycling Unicorn Knee Socks

My Cat is Cool as Fuck Women's Socks

Women's crew socks that say, "My cat is cool as fuck."

The holidays are a time to take a look at all of the incredible things in our lives. For example: some of us happen to live with a super cool cat. If you need a gift for a crazy cat lady, or someone who just happens to own an amazing feline, these socks send the message "My cat is cool as fuck."

Shop for My Cat is Cool as Fuck Sock

Corgi Crew Socks

Funny women's socks with corgis

How could you ever have a bad day when there are corgis at your feet? These corgi socks are a super cute gift that will make anyone smile every time they put them on.

Shop for Corgi Crew Socks

Bibliophile Knee-High Socks

Book socks for women by ModSocks in blue or black

If you know she's going to be getting a ton of books for Christmas, a pair of book socks will be a much-appreciated change of pace. Readers love these Bibliophile Knee Socks. They'll keep her feet cozy as she devours the next novel on her list.

Shop for Bibliophile Knee Socks by ModSocks

Still searching for the perfect gift for your special lady? Shop our large collection of women's socks.

Andrea Farrell
Andrea Farrell


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