Socks for Dads & Grads

June 11, 2018

A father chills in his recliner wearing Dad Joke Socks, while cap-and-gown-wearing graduates step into the future in book socks.

It's that time of the year once again. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and people are buying gifts for two awesome groups of people that just happen to rhyme: dads and/or grads. Shout it from the rooftops, chant it in the streets: DADS AND GRADS! DADS AND GRADS! DADS AND GRADS! Ok, that was annoying. How lazy can you get, advertisers?

We tried to think of some alternatives to this worn-out rhyme. It wasn't easy, and the results are pretty grim. Fathers and Former Students? Papas and Postgraduates? Dudes with Descendants and Diploma-Holders? Paternal Figures and People Finally Done With School (Unless, of course, they are going to college, or grad school, or vocational training, or maybe they aren't really sure yet, and they'd appreciate it if you'd stop asking them what they are going to do with their lives every ten minutes)?

Maybe Dads and Grads isn't so bad after all.

Dad Socks

Wine socks for men

Men's Like A Fine Wine Crew Socks 

For a great Father's Day gift, these socks pair nicely with a bottle of your dad's favorite libation.

Shop for Like A Fine Wine Socks

Dad joke socks for men

No Bad Joke Like a Dad Joke Men's Socks

You may groan and roll your eyes, but deep down you appreciate all of your dad's terrible jokes. Get him these socks that say "Ain't No Bad Joke Like a Dad Joke" and give him permission to let the puns fly.

Shop for Dad Joke Men's Socks

Socks with Sasquatch drinking beer

Sasquatch Loves Beer Men's Crew Socks

Tell him you want to follow in his footsteps with a pair of Sasquatch Loves Beer Men's Crew Socks.

Shop for Sasquatch Loves Beer Men's Crew Socks

Solar system socks for men with planets

Men's Solar System Crew Socks

Send your papa on a space walk with a pair of these planet socks for men.

Shop for Men's Solar System Crew Socks

Men's Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough socks are made in America with a lifetime guarantee – any dad can appreciate that.

Shop for Darn Tough Socks

Socks for Grads

Women's knee socks with books

Bibliophile Knee Socks

These bookish knee socks make a great graduation gift for a gal who loves to read. Also available in Black.

Shop for Bibliophile Knee Socks

Squid socks for women

Squid Women's Crew Socks

Marine bio majors will make waves wearing these awesome women's squid socks with their caps and gowns. Also available in women's knee high and men's crew.

Shop for Women's Squid Socks

Einstein socks for men

Relatively Cool Men's Crew Socks

Give them a pat on the back for finally passing precalculus with a pair of Relatively Cool Men's Crew Socks.

Shop for Relatively Cool Men's Crew Socks

Love My Job Haha Just Kidding socks

I Love My Job Socks

These socks will give young people something to smile about as they enter the workforce: I Love My Job... Haha Just Kidding.

Shop for I Love My Job Socks

Constellation socks for men

Constellation Men's Crew Socks

The sky is the limit with these Constellation Men's Crew Socks that will inspire your graduate to reach for the stars. 

Shop for Constellation Men's Crew Socks

Carpe the Fuck Out of this Diem socks

Carpe the Fuck Out of This Diem Socks

Blue Q Carpe the Fuck Out of This Diem Socks: Because now that school is over, it's time to seize the fuck out of each new day without homework!

Shop for Carpe the Fuck Out of This Diem

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