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Delicate Fucking Flower

Delicate Fucking Flower Socks

Don't be a shrinking violet. These “I'm a delicate fucking flower” socks let the world know that you're all sensitive and shit.

Special Unicorn Ankle Socks

Special Unicorn ankle socks

Everyone is special in their own way, but as a special unicorn, you're on a whole nother level of specialness. Prance your way into a pair of these unicorn ankle socks and let your special spirit shine.

Cat is Cool as Fuck

My cat is cool as fuck women's crew socks

Meow, meow meow meow meow? Meow! Oh, didn't you understand that? It's the secret language my cat and I speak, and it means “Who's a good kitty?” “I am!”

Grasshopper Bamboo

Grasshopper Bamboo Crew Socks

Relax in the grass or hit the nearest sock hop in a cozy pair of these grasshopper socks. They're made from super­soft bamboo, so technically they're grasshopper socks made of grass!

Pizza Party

Pizza Party Knee Socks

These socks want you to party like it's 1999. So pretend you're watching Saved by the Bell reruns at a slumber party, and Jessica M's mom just ordered an extra large pizza. Whoa, baby!


Catterfly Knee Socks

When kittens take to the skies, no bird is safe. Until then, cats can only dream of catching the wind on a pair of beautiful butterfly wings.

Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishing Cat Knee Socks

This cat has a taste for seafood, and even a pair of wet paws won't deter him from attempting to catch himself a goldfish or two.

Lawn Art

Lawn Art Knee Socks with gnomes and flamingos

Liven up your lawn and your life with gnomes, flamingos and yellow flowers on these grassy green knee socks.

Men's Socks

Dad Joke

Dad Joke Crew Socks that say "Ain't no bad joke like a dad joke."

It's true that there's no bad joke quite like a dad joke. Have you heard the one about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, but no atmosphere.


Labrador crew socks for men

Labs are one of the most popular dogs in the world for a reason – they're loyal, loving, and always ready to go for a walk or a swim. Labradors, we adore you.

Zero Fox Given

Zero Fox Given mens crew sock

These men's Zero Fox Given socks are your footwear of choice on those days when you don't give a single flying fox.

Gamer Food

Men's crew socks with gamer food theme

If you can't decide on dinner in the middle of your digital dungeon crawl, take a look at these gamer food socks for men and consider the delicious possibilities.

This Meeting is Bullshit

This meeting is bullshit men's crew socks

Sometimes work means dealing with a lot of bullshit, and that includes meetings so boring you want to fall asleep in the middle of them. These socks will keep you sane during even the dullest of workdays.

Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day mens crew socks

Punctuate the completion of a perfect day with hearty fist­bumps all around. After all, the best of days are spent with friends who know that a fist bump should end with an explosion.

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