Hanukkah Socks

Hanukkah socks with challah bread, a menorah, a dreidel and the words "Oy vey."

At the time of year when everything is red and green, sometimes when you are a Jew things can seem a little blue. Luckily we have these cool Hanukkah socks for men and women with fun designs like dreidels, menorahs and challah bread. We hope these cool socks will help you have a fun and happy Hanukkah!

Funny Oy Vey Hanukkah socks for men with dreidels and candles Funny Oy Vey Hanukkah socks for women with dreidels and candles

Funny Hanukkah Socks

Wearing a pair of socks that say "Oy Vey" is the perfect response to all the mishegoss you have to put up with from your family at the holidays — just point to your ankles without saying a word! These Hanukkah socks for men and women have dreidels, candles and the words “Oy Vey,” a Yiddish phrase that pretty much means, “Woe is me.” Women's Oy Vey socks also come with non-skid soles with a white dreidel design for the grippy bits.

Cute Hanukkah socks for women with challah bread and the words "Happy Challah Days"  Hanukkah socks for men that say "Happy Challah Days" with challah bread, wine and menorahs

Cute Hanukkah Socks

Food, wine and togetherness — what more could you ask for at the holidays? These Happy Challah Days socks for women and men are a Hanukkah treat with cute menorahs, glasses of kosher wine and loaves of braided challah bread.

Celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights and make your own traditions by giving some sweet Hanukkah socks as a gift or wearing them to your family gathering.

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