Game of Toes

Posted on May 17, 2017 by Andrea Farrell | 0 comments

With Game of Thrones coming back soon, there's a sense of anticipation in the air. Which houses will be victorious, and which will end up White Walker food? Whether you're rooting for the Starks or the Targaryens, the Greyjoys or the Lannisters, ModSock has the socks you need to rep your favorite players in this epic game.

Whatever happens this season, one thing is certain: when you play the game of toes, you always win!

Shop our animal socks collection.

  • Wolf Men's Crew Socks

    There's nothing dire about these charming wolf socks, but they do add a stark charm when worn with furry coats and boots.

  • Boss Lion Crew Socks

    Loyalty and luxury are represented by the lion on these socks. Wear them to remind your friends (and enemies) that you'll always pay your debts.

  • Men's Squid and Whale Crew Socks

    Salty seas and rocky shores are the natural home for these powerful kraken socks for men.

  • Bamboo Men's Stag Socks

    Regal stags stand proud on these bamboo deer socks. They're powerful now, but what happens when those antlers come off?

  • Rampage Men's Crew Socks

    When you have dragons on your side, you can do anything. That includes torching some cities and maybe claiming a queendom or two.

  • Sockeye Salmon Men's Crew Socks

    Fish run up a river on these snazzy salmon socks, but they'd better be careful — they might become a meal for a more powerful predator at any time!

  • Bamboo Grizzly Men's Crew Socks

    You might not be the biggest or the strongest, but you can still be proud when you wear a pair of these bamboo bear socks for men.

Find your favorite house's sigil here on a pair of these socks, and get ready for the games to begin!

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