Food Socks

April 19, 2017

Pie socks from ModSocks are just a slice of the novelty food socks available for men and women.

A wise man once said, "I like food, food tastes good!" We couldn't agree more, and that's why we've put together this menu of some our favorite food socks.

Pie Party Crew Socks

Pie Party Crew Socks

Any way you slice it, these pie socks for women are sweetly satisfying.

Shop for Women's Pie Party Crew Socks

Donuts Crew Socks

Women's donut crew socks in mint and pink

For a first course, reach for a pair of these Donuts Crew Socks featuring the holiest of treats: fried, fluffy glazed doughnuts. We also have these in kids' sizes!

Shop for Women's Donuts Crew Socks
Shop for Men's Donut Crew Socks
Shop for Kids' Donut Crew Socks

Cooking Is Worth The Whisk Crew Socks

Women's cooking is worth the whisk crew socks in gray

These Cooking Is Worth The Whisk Crew Socks are great socks for people whose passion is in the kitchen.

Shop for Women's Cooking is Worth the Whisk Crew Socks

Men's Sushi Crew Socks

Men's sushi crew socks in green

Men's Sushi Crew Socks lay down a fishy feast at your feet. Just add a little nori and wasabi, and you'll be on a roll! Don't miss our women's sushi socks too.

Shop for Women's Sushi Crew Socks
Shop for Men's Sushi Crew Socks
Shop for Kids' Sushi Crew Socks

Aw Shucks Crew Socks

Women's corn on the cobb crew socks in black

It may sound corny, but we think a pair of these corn socks will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Shop for Women's Aw Shucks Crew Socks

Cookies and Cream Crew Socks

Women's cookies and cream crew socks in blue

Just like your favorite cream-filled treats, these cookie socks go great with a cold glass of milk.

Shop for Women's Cookies and Cream Crew Socks

Kids’ Cupcake Socks

Kids cupcake knee socks in teal

Kids and cupcakes are made for each other, so these cupcake socks for kids are sure to be a hit. After all, there's no better way to mainline sugar before hitting the playground than with one of these portable, handheld treats.

Shop for Kids' Cupcake Knee Socks
Shop for Women's Eat Cupcakes Knee Socks 


Piece of Cake Crew Socks

Women's piece of cake crew socks in black

Cupcakes are great, but sometimes you need the frosting-to-cake ratio that only a real slice of layer cake can provide. These Piece of Cake Crew Socks feature the bakery's greatest hits: carrot, red velvet, funfetti and chocolate!

Shop for Women's Piece of Cake Crew Socks

Tacosaurus Men's Crew Socks

Men's Tacosaurus socks in black

They're crazy, crunchy, and so delicious they've been brought back from extinction in order to create the ultimate snack. Grab a pair of Tacosaurus Men's Crew Socks and your favorite hot sauce, and take a bite of happiness. We also have Tacosaurus Knee Socks for taco-loving prehistoric cavewomen!

Shop for Men's Tacosaurus Crew Socks
Shop for Women's Tacosaurus Knee Socks
Shop for Women's Tacosaurus Stretch Knee Socks

Avocado Men's Crew Socks

Men's avocado crew socks in blue

We're avocado advocates. Slice it on toast, mash it into guac or eat it with a spoon – just don't let it turn brown!

Shop for Men's Avocado Crew Socks
Shop for Women's Avocado Crew Socks

Pineapple Socks

Men's pineapple socks in blue

We have pineapple socks for men. We have pineapple socks for women. We have pineapple socks for pineapples. Okay, we were kidding about that last one.

Shop for Men's Many Pineapples Crew Socks
Shop for Women's Pineapple Crew Socks

When Life Gives You Lemons Crew Socks

Women's lemon crew socks in teal

Sometimes life gives you lemons, but at least that's better than death giving you grapefruits! These lemon crew socks are a citrusy slice of sock heaven.

Shop for Women's When Life Gives You Lemons Crew Socks

Chicken and Waffles Men's Crew Socks

Men's chicken and waffles crew socks in brown

Waffles might be breakfast food, but fried chicken can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Obviously, that means these Chicken and Waffles Men's Crew Socks are appropriate for all occasions.

Shop for Men's Chicken and Waffles Crew Socks

Craft Beer Men's Crew Socks

Men's ModSocks craft beer crew socks

Getting hungry? Don't forget the best part of a balanced meal – a tasty beer! ModSocks' very own Craft Beer Men's Crew Socks will help you wash it all down. Women will enjoy the same refreshing design in a knee sock.

Shop for Men's Craft Beer Crew Socks
Shop for Women's Craft Beer Knee Socks

Hungry for more? See all of our food socks.

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