Moms Love Solmates

May 05, 2015

Here at ModSock, it is a known fact that moms love Solmates socks. They go crazy for them. They give them as gifts, while expecting to receive nothing less in return. Solmates say, “I'm a little bit wild, but I'm still a classy lady.” They are as quaint and sophisticated as the charming flower gardens and New-England-y sights that give the individual colors their names, which include Orchid, Blue Spruce, and Covered Bridges.

So to prove how much moms love Solmates, I gave my mom a pair of one of their newest colors, September Sun, in exchange for a review of the socks. She wrote this.

My Sock Writings

by Laura Farrell

September Sun by Solmate are socks designed in a most lovely blend of colors. Probably this will be the dozenth pair of Solmates that I have owned, this lovely patterned dark rust offset by teal, green and an earthy brown.

Dark rust is easily my favorite color of Autumn. It is the color of fallen big leaf maple leaves (Acer macrophylum) here in our coastal Northwest Olympic Peninsula. It is the color of rusty iron farm equipment, which has a character and presence all its own, year round. And it is a complementary color to our two precious and dear copper-haired children. (Thanks, mom. - A) I once owned and cherished a dark rust colored blazer, which I wore out. A sentimental color.

Solmates' socks, by not matching, actually balance out one another, far more than if they matched. I like how they repeat the pattern of their mate, yet express it in another way, a different order. I like to look at my feet in these socks; it is like looking at art.

I understand that Solmates have some recycled cotton woven within them, perhaps mill ends. This is good news! They keep my feet warm, even when out searching for beach glass. They hold up very well in the washer and dryer and keep their colors very well.

I look forward to my second dozen pair!

Laura Farrell, Forks, Wash.

So this Mother's Day, give your mom what she really wants: a brand-new pair of fantastically colorful, charming, mom-approved Solmate Socks. Available at our Bellingham store, and in select colors at

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