Sock Intervention

March 31, 2016

These socks are awesome, but I never wear them!

Socks bother my feet – I can't find a comfortable pair.

Oh, I don't wear socks – I'm just buying these for a friend.

We hear statements like these every once in a while at ModSock, and they occasionally make us stop and think. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, there really are people out there who don't wear socks. Sometimes, we feel it is necessary to do a sock intervention. We have a ton of sock knowledge, and can usually talk to you, learn about your personal preferences and find the pair that will turn you into a sock lover for life.

Of course, if you are truly happy living a sockless lifestyle, that is OK. Maybe you're a professional surfer who lives in flip flops, or an old-school hippie who doesn't bother with things as mundane as undergarments or socks. More power to you!

But sometimes we meet people who seem to wish they could wear socks, but feel that they can't for a number of reasons. Below, we will list the problems that may prevent people from wearing socks, plus the socks that we think are perfect for them. Warning – sometimes solving a person's sock problems can lead to sock obsession and sock addiction. We've seen it happen! Proceed at your own risk.

The band at the top of socks is too tight – it cuts off circulation and leaves a mark on my leg.

The solution: Socksmith Roll-Top crew and knee socks.

Socksmith roll-top knee and crew socks

If you have issues with your circulation, larger calves, or just prefer a sock with a loose fit at the top, these are the socks for you. Not only do they come in dozens of colors and patterns, they are also some of the most comfortable, soft, cottony socks you'll ever wear.

My socks get holes in them after just a few wearings.

The solution: Darn Tough Vermont.

Darn Tough crew and short socks

These amazing socks are beloved among hikers, long-distance runners and people who work on their feet. The reason? Their unbeatable lifetime guarantee means that if your favorite pair ever develops a hole and becomes unwearable, Darn Tough will replace them at no charge. Pretty darn cool, eh?

I only buy products made in America. Aren't all of these socks made in China?

The Solution: Solemate socks (And many more!)

Socks made in the USA


Contrary to popular belief, very few of the sock brands we carry are manufactured in China. We know the socks you are trying to avoid – we frequently see cheap novelty socks in the drugstore that fall apart after a few wearings, but we hold our socks to a higher standard! We carry many outstanding brands made in America, including Solmate Socks, Darn Tough, SockGuy, SoxTrot and Sock Dreams, to name a few.

I hate feeling the seam on my toes when I wear tight shoes.

The solution: Darn Tough, yet again.

Darn Tough crew socks

In addition to being the most durable socks on the market, Darn Tough offers many styles with a True Seamless construction, so you won't be able to feel the toe seam tickling your little piggies as you walk. Darn Tough manages to do away with several other sock annoyances, too. Their merino wool and nylon content mean they are wicking and anti-microbial, so your socks are less likely to smell bad at the end of a long day on the trail.

I have the world's hottest feet, and most socks just aren't breathable enough.

The solution: Bamboo (rayon) socks or ultra-wicking synthetics like CoolMax, microdenier acrylic, and microfiber nylon

Bamboo sock styles with hummingbirds, cherry blossoms, deer and anchors

We carry a lot of socks made of breathable, natural fibers like cotton and bamboo rayon, like these bamboo socks from Socksmith. But if you haven't explored the variety of modern synthetic fibers, do yourself a favor and try a pair of SockGuy socks. Made of super-breathable micro-denier acrylic, many of these socks also feature a mesh top, so the heat can rise off your feet, leaving them cool and comfortable.

I don't want to cover up my tattoo of a narwhal!

The solution: ModSock's Lil' Narwhal Knee Highs.

Lil Narwhal Knee Sock

Do you have amazing ink that you can't bear to hide underneath a plain pair of socks? We've got you covered, fam – literally. If you love your leg tats and hate to cover them up because of the statements they make about you as a person (such as your love of narwhals and all creatures of the sea, perhaps) try a pair of ModSock's original Lil' Narwhal Knee High Socks, or any of our other socks featuring popular tattoo motifs like these sultry mermaid socks, hipster mustaches, owls or arrows.

Whatever your sock problem is, ModSock can solve it. Let us find your perfect pair, and you'll never look back.

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