10 Tasty Food Socks

November 21, 2017

Pie socks are a sweet treat

Looking for a tasty new pair of food socks? When you're hungry enough to eat your feet, these tasty food socks can't be beat.

Pizza Socks

Men's food socks with pizza slices on a black sock

These men's pizza socks are utterly cheesy – with a slice in your hand, you'll be taking it easy.

Shop for Pizza Party Men's Crew Socks

Bacon Socks

Men's black crew sock with bacon strips

Strips of bacon (crisp and warm), give these men's bacon socks a meaty charm.

Shop for Bacon Men's Crew Socks

Avocado Socks

Avocado socks feature the green fruit in various phases of being eaten, part of our food socks collection.

If your avocado socks ever get holy, just turn them into sock guacamole!

Shop for Men's Avocado Crew Socks
Shop for Women's Avocado Crew Socks

Mac & Cheese Socks

Blue crew socks with macaroni and cheese pieces

Noodles, sauce, and extra cheese – these macaroni socks are sure to appease.

Shop for Mac 'n' Cheese Crew Socks

Hamburger Socks

Whenever you start to feel hollow and famished, just point to these socks and ask for a sandwich.

Shop for Good Burger Men's Crew Socks

Donut Socks

Crew socks with pink frosted donuts

You'll be wanting a dozen for sharing with friends, because these donut socks are sure to start trends!

Shop for Women's Donuts Crew Socks
Shop for Men's Donut Crew Socks
Shop for Kids' Donut Crew Socks

Meat Socks

Yellow or black crew socks featuring butcher cutting diagrams

If you're having some trouble butchering meat, these carnivorous crew socks put the guide on your feet.

Shop for Meat Lover Men's Crew Socks

Sushi Socks

A variety of cute anthropomorphized sushi play on a teal knee sock.

If you prefer your fish uncooked, wear sushi socks for a fresh new look!

Shop for Sushi Knee Socks
Shop for Men's Sushi Crew Socks
Shop for Kids' Sushi Crew Socks

Cake Socks

Cake socks for women

When work is stressful and exhausting, these cake crew socks bring the frosting.

Shop for Piece of Cake Crew Socks

Pie Socks

Pie-themed socks feature cherry, berry, lemon meringue & pumpkin pies on a black sock.

Cherry, apple and lemon meringue, if you love pie, these socks are your thang.

Shop for Pie Party Socks

Still looking for a sock to satisfy your craving? Shop our collection of food socks!


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